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Thanks for visiting our site. Our focus is antique chess related items, we try and update the site every month with new things. In our chess collection link below there is a range of antique chess sets, boards and individual pieces to check out.
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We have been collecting antique chess sets and boards for over 30 years. We also sell some sets through our associated finerpieces site.
Antique chess sets and boards are our passion and we hope you enjoy the site.
Feedback on the site is always welcome. Antique Chess Sets and Boards are becoming rarer and make for not only great decor but a good investment.

We are always looking to buy antique chess related items so please feel free to contact us if you have something for sale that might interest us.
We also do sell items occasionally from our collection as well so if you see something on our site that you are interested in please feel to contact us through our comments page here.
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